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The building blocks of any language, Palabras means “words” in Spanish. Established in 1995, Palabras is an independently owned and operated learning institution that offers small group and private language instruction in a fun and relaxed atmosphere for practical, real-world application. We always tailor our instruction to suit the specific needs of the student/group. Courses are taught by knowledgeable, native-speaking instructors with total insight into the language and culture. Our small group class sizes ensure that you will always receive the most personal attention and the most speaking practice possible. Private and semi-private instruction is also available with flexible scheduling. As the time is reserved just for you, you are able to cover much more material in a shorter period of time.

Palabras also specializes in corporate language training for companies/organizations conducting business in foreign markets with flexible lesson scheduling. Convenient, on-site training options are available. We also offer translation, transcription, and interpreter services for your specific needs.

At our location we offer a vast array of language and cultural learning materials such as books, dictionaries, magazines, children’s storybooks, CDs, and DVDs at competitive prices.

We are proud to provide fun and unique cultural services, such as a Latin culinary workshop, as well as special event nights.

Please see our course calendar for a list of upcoming courses and special events. Please contact us for further information!

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