Providing language instruction services to the KW area for 25 years

Specialized in adult education

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Our Mission

Palabras is committed to encouraging a fun, relaxed, and positive learning atmosphere in which everyone is treated with respect and understanding, and in which the student receives the most personal attention and speaking practice possible.

Palabras is dedicated to providing the best conversational language instruction and tailors its instruction to the individual or small group. Palabras believes in offering high quality instruction by using a wide variety of teaching methods and styles, always with the student in mind, and effectively accomplishes learning in the least amount of time.

Hear what student's think about learning through Palabras Language School

Student Testimonials

Lee M. (Spanish Student)
I have been a second language teacher my entire career and I can honestly say that the teaching at Palabras is rock solid. The instructors are skilled and really fun to learn with.
My Spanish is getting better and better each round of classes. I highly recommend Palabras ¡Adelante!
Elanna U. (Spanish Student)
I can say, without a doubt, that my Spanish has improved significantly,  since attending classes at Palabras... I'm finally feeling more confident in my knowledge of the language and its structure.
The teachers at Palabras are always quick to make learning fun with interactive sessions, stimulating discussion and occasional snacks!
Melanie Levesque (Spanish Student)
Palabras is truly great.
I had started learning Spanish on my own using apps and books, and felt I needed some extra support. 
After my first class with Palabras, I quickly realized I needed a lot more support than I thought in order to reach my goals of being fluent in Spanish; and there began my journey with Palabras, 3 years ago! 
Palabras is teaching me the root and structure of words, verbs, sentences and complete dialogues. I'm learning how to speak in the appropriate way using the appropriate verb conjugations and expressions, and I'm learning the reason why things are the way they are – all of which are necessary to being able to converse comfortably and none of which I could master on my own. Susy is extremely knowledgeable about the language and the culture, and she's very patient, thankfully! There's no substitute to having a person dedicated to making sure I have the necessary tools to reach my objectives.
Like all things, practice makes perfect, and learning a new language isn't super easy. But Susy's commitment to the success of her students is a great motivator to keep working hard!
I've had the pleasure to enjoy group sessions both in class and on-line before more recently moving to online private sessions. All are equally effective.