corporate services & cultural workshops



Providing language training to corporations and organizations requiring language instruction


Providing competitive rates for translations, transcriptions and interpreting in Spanish or French for corporations

Gift Baskets

For agents or companies requiring professional gift baskets

Team Building Programs

Providing language training to corporations and organizations requiring language instruction



Providing competitive rates for your translation, transcription and interpreting requirements in Spanish or French for individuals

Cooking Workshops

Latin-American style cooking. For those truly interested in exploring the many facets of the Spanish-speaking culture

Special Events

A great way to practice your Spanish, immerse yourself in the Spanish-speaking culture and meet new people. Contact us for additional information and up-to-date news

Major focus on conversational instruction for practical, real-world application

Flexible lesson booking to accommodate the student’s busy work schedule

  • Palabras Language School specializes in providing language training to corporations and organizations requiring language instruction in order to enhance and reach their business potential in foreign markets.  

  • Our teaching philosophy and unique brand of language instruction are the perfect match for the challenging requirements of corporate training.

  • A relaxed and informal learning atmosphere allows for the student to become a receptive, active participant in the language learning process. 

proud to provide fun and unique services

Service Pricing

What’s included
Corporate Translations 

Translations for manuals, documents, company policies, etc.

Rates Vary

Gift Baskets

Professional gift baskets for companies, agents and small businesses.

Starting at $49.99

Corporate Languages

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses available for Spanish and ESL. All corporate language courses are tailored to suit the individual/group's needs.

Rates Vary

Team Building Programs

Our workshops focus on increasing group dynamic, trust, and collaboration through the process of cooperative cooking.  Communication, problem-solving, and time management skills are enhanced through fun, team-building competitions which take place throughout the experience.

$120 per person

Individual Translations

Translations for personal or legal documents (certificates, licenses), emails, etc.

Starting at $60 per page

Cooking Workshops

Our workshops focus on the uniqueness and flavour of the vibrant Latin culture, and provide social interaction and team-building skills in a fun and lively atmosphere. We include a mini-Spanish lesson during the workshop as a further way of offering insight into the language and culture. 

*Recipes can be modified to suit and dietary restrictions and allergies.

$90.50 per person